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Why did I write Dark Canvas

I’ve had several people ask me this and the simple answer might be, “Because I could”, but I think it goes deeper than that. I have been writing something or other all my life. I’ve been writing poetry since I was in the fourth grade and as the years went by I became a more and […]

Author Jody Summers with his 2 books, Dark Canvas and The Mask Maker.  mh

Oklahoma Gazette-Books in OKC?

A little publicity never hurts and this was a nice one that came out in the Oklahoma Gazette, an extremely popular weekly publication in Oklahoma City. If you want to read it here is the link:   http://www.okgazette.com/oklahoma/article-21658-hot-summers.html But where can you get copies of Dark Canvas and The Mask Maker in OKC? Well if […]

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