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Jody Summers

Born in New Orleans, Jody Summers' life has been filled with unconventionality. The adopted son of a prominent Texas restaurateur, Jody grew up in New Orleans, Memphis and then Houston, learning the restaurant business while he built a career as a competitive gymnast that propelled him to a scholarship at the University of Kansas.

After college, Jody followed in his father’s footsteps owning, at one point, three 24-hour restaurant franchises along with four tanning salons in Tulsa. Finally leaving that business, he turned his entrepreneurial skills to everything from a patent in the Pet Industry to a Single’s website.

A restaurateur, a gymnast, a stunt man, an entrepreneur, a pilot, a skydiver, a scuba diver, and an accomplished martial artist for twenty-five years, Jody Summers has tried it all. Now he brings all those experiences to paper in his exciting novels.


I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful artist I met who is actually painting with the ashes of the deceased and doing wonderful tribute paintings for grieving families. Over the years this type of art has blossomed somewhat as I have heard of people around the country and even in England who have taken on this unique vocation.

I was very taken with her endeavor and as I am a rather prolific reader, I was struck by the fact that, at the time, I had never heard of anyone writing on this topic. It was that uniqueness that launched me on what has turned out to be a protracted writing career. This kernel that was originally entitled Canvas of Death and later published as Dark Canvas which is now the first book in my Art of the Dead series entitled A Brush with Death.

Visit her website at www.denicelewisfineart.com and see some of her wonderful work.

lend a hand

I have pledged a portion of all the proceeds from the sales of A Brush with Death to the Fibromyalgia cause, in honor of the lovely lady whose vocation became the kernel for my ultimate writing career and has since waged a long and difficult struggle with the disease.