Writing In The Digital Age

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on about the digital age, it’s that it allows us to get information faster than ever. Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate but it certainly has its pros and cons. If you are trying to become a professional writer the good news is that you have so many channels to share your content with the public. The downside is that so does everyone else and you now have more competition than ever. It’s not just books, writers are able to share short stories, poems, blogs, articles and more, all with the goal of grabbing someone’s attention and to be noticed.

As you look to carve out a place for yourself in this digital world, here are some tips I have found useful that may help you along the way:

  • Keep writing: Promoting, researching, talking with fans and other responsibilities may take up the majority of your time but you have to keep writing. Whether you have a blog, want to just post something on your Facebook page or anything else, just keep pumping out content.
  • Old content is good content: Do you have a book or article you wrote 5 years ago? Share it, promote it, get more eyes on it. Just because it’s older doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. It will be new to someone and it shows you’ve been doing this for a long time.
  • Be social: It’s understandable if you are not a fan of social media but you need to be on there. There are far too many benefits to it, especially as you try to build your name. However, make sure that you go the extra mile, there are tons of groups out there of readers who have a passion for your genre. Join those groups and interact with them. Their loyalty can make or break your success as an author.
  • Promote the competition: I once looked at other writers as competition until I realized that working together introduced me to a new audience. Every once in a while, if I am reading someone else’s book or article, I like to share it on social media. If someone has written something great, it doesn’t hurt to share it and they usually appreciate it enough that they recommend my content to their audience.

The digital age is evolving very quickly and everyday it seems like there’s something new that we have to learn about. Don’t look at it as a burden, look at it as an opportunity to expand your horizons and build your audience.

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