Why Every Writer Should Have A Blog

One of the biggest challenges I faced when I got started as a writer was understanding the advantages that different tools gave me. For example, I wasn’t a big fan of social media but when I saw the way readers were interacting with me, I knew it was a platform I needed to be on. I wasn’t a big fan of blogging but it was recommended to me as another platform to connect with an audience and I decided to give it a try.

What I found was that it was more than just a way to connect with the audience, it was a way for me to take a though, an idea, a concept and share it with people. One of the things about writing a book I am not a fan of, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, is that there is no instant gratification. Patience is a virtue but we all want fast results. Blogging gives you that because it allows you to create something that quickly gets people talking. This is why I recommend it to new writers and once you get started, you will find that it:

  • Keeps you in touch with the audience: Your blog section can be a fun way to keep in communication with your audience. For example, you can write a blog about your experiences at certain book signings and let your readers know when you are having another one. It’s also a great tool to give you more content to share on social media, keeping your followers interested in your accounts.
  • Keeps you writing: One of the biggest problems I face is what to do in between the time I am writing books. I want to keep writing but I cannot jump from one book to the next. I need time to research, create storylines and promote my other work. A blog gives me the opportunity to keep writing without having to wait months or years for a response.
  • Allows you to branch out: It can be difficult to write different styles or genres. Once you find an audience that loves your work you want to keep sending them stuff they will want to read. Blogging gives you an outlet to try something new. You can write about politics, write a short story under a different genre or try something else out without having to devote too much time to it.

Keep something else in mind, it’s hard to get someone to actually buy and read an entire book. If you are routinely blogging, it’s easier for them to come across one of your blogs, read it and then take interest in your work. Writers have to produce consistent content if they want to build an audience. This is a great way to do it.

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