How To Get Books For Free

Who doesn’t love free stuff? While most books aren’t expensive, if you are an avid reader the cost can get up there. It’s always nice to get a discount but free is certainly something we can all appreciate. Whether it’s paperback, hardcover or on tablets and phones, there are so many chances throughout the day to unplug and start reading one of your favorites or the next in a series you love. Here are some of the best ways to save big and keep feeding your passion for reading:

  • Signup to book selling sites: Amazon, GoodReads and plenty of other sites want your business and the authors on those sites want you to follow them as well. The sites themselves will often have promotions to get you to sign up and those promotions will either be credits towards a new book or a free one to get you hooked. Authors on these sites will also offer a free promotion every once in a while, the goal being to introduce themselves to you, get you to follow them and check out other things they’ve written.
  • Follow authors: Almost every aspiring writer has a social media presence that they try to grow each and every day. A follower in many cases can be more valuable to them than a sale which is why they crave engagement. Follow these writers on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms they are on and interact with them. More than likely they will post something every once in a while that shows you how to get one of their works at no cost. You can even signup with your email to get notifications about contests and other promotions they are having.
  • Check out the local library: It may seem a little old school, but local libraries have a great selection of work that you can find for free or even at ridiculously cheap prices. And this is not only paperbacks and hardbacks. These days Libraries have large digital and audio selections as well.
  • Start a local book trading club: It’s probably not that difficult to find people who love to read in your area. You can look for social media groups and ask them if they would be interested in swapping books. You can start by listing some of the options you have at home and see if anyone wants to trade.

While you may not get a brand new option at no cost, you can certainly find plenty of options for older editions as well as ways to either not pay, or get great deals on books. Follow these tips and you will see big savings while still having plenty of new works to read.

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