Starting Your Own Online Book Club Or Group

Have a book or a series that you love reading? What about a specific author you love to follow? Readers get attached to books, or stories that they can follow, characters they can connect with and want to talk about with others who feel as passionate about it as they do. If you follow an author who is creating a new book or two every few years, then it’s an exciting time to be a reader. Unfortunately, you’ll notice that few of your friends read, they do not follow that author or they take too long to get through a book because of their schedule. It happens, but you’ve just read an exciting new story and want to talk about it with someone else.

Welcome to the digital age of being social, a place where you can go online and meet and interact with people who are as passionate about a subject as you. For example, many authors have a following on social media platforms like Facebook and there are groups where their fans talk about their works. But what if you follow a lesser-known author or someone who is just started building a following? How do you find people to converse with about their work?

This is where you can create your own group and start inviting people to join and interact. But how do you find them if you do not already know a bunch of people who are reading the same books for following the same author? For starters, once you’ve created the group you can contact the author directly on social media. Let them know about the new group and ask them to put up a post notifying their followers about it and encouraging them to join. You can also respond to people who are commenting on posts made by the writer. Give them feedback on their comments and invite them to join the discussion on your forum.

Another option is to search for hashtags or keywords. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms allow you to search based on what other people are talking about, even if you are not friends with them. Once you run a search you can invite those people to join your group. You can even share your posts in other groups where people are discussing other writers. Invite them to check out the books you are reading and see if any of them are interested. There are plenty of ways to build up interaction and these are just a few that will help you to get started.

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