Alone at night on a Valentine’s Day

Seems love and youth are so far away

Contentment resides in my tenacious dreams

Hope refuses to give up, it seems

How do I do it, my friends all say,

How can you go on and live this way

Well my life’s been so full, no regrets

I think in my heart it’s as good as it gets

Forty years I just chased love

Now my calling is sent from above

Things rest heavy in my heart to say

And I’m hoping my words help in some way

To bring joy, perspective, or a little insight

I pray my words bring a little more light.

Love is gone and youth as well

So maybe my lessons can help others dwell

Not on their problems but just on hope

It’s a tonic for lives that just need to cope

It’s a gift for my daughters and others too

To find their path in this world of rue.

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