I always like to sneak in tidbits of unusual info into my books. Though it would pprobably fall under the heading of useless trvia, I enjoy it. For instance; In Dark Canvas I mention that glass is a liquid. It runs like water, only slower. In old old houses you can easlily measure the thickness of the glass at the top and bottom of the window pane to gauge the different thicknesses.

3 thoughts on “Dark Canvas-Tidbits”

  1. about to move into a 100 year old house for a while. Maybe I should measure the windows and see if they’re the original glass…..It would give the neighbors something to think about.

  2. In Dark Canvas one of the main characters recieves both emotions and experiences from the deceased people that are mixed in her paint. It makes you wonder if your family has any skeletons in the closet you don’t know about……

  3. I have known Jody since the age of 15; he was the 1st love of my life and was writing poetry non-stop all those years ago (he doesn’t know it but I copied them by hand before he went away to college and have them to this day). He is a special, talented person and I feel honored that I was able to read “Dark Canvas” as it was being written. Jody’s imagination and way with words has not diminished over the years and you are in for a treat when you read this tantalizing/mysterious book!

    Kudos Jody :o)

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