Sean and Kira’s adventures continue

will the next challenge turn out to be another brush with death?


Mental Marauder


Sean and Kira’s adventures continue…including marriage and more.

Kira is struggling with the emotional ramifications of the last two cremation tributes, as she calls them, and the evil they engendered.

Sean’s abilities, however, are growing and he vows to protect her and encourages her efforts.

When a surprise call from a Hollywood star reveals he has just lost his equally-famous wife an opportunity for an amazing commission arises.

But will this commission once again expose Sean and Kira to some evil element, and if so can they survive yet another hair raising encounter that could not only threaten Kira and Sean, but others as well…

Or will the next challenge turn out to be another brush with death…



Born in New Orleans Jody Summers’ life has been filled with unconventionality. The adopted son of a prominent Texas restaurateur, Jody grew up in New Orleans, Memphis and then Houston, learning the restaurant business while he built a career as a competitive gymnast that propelled him to a scholarship at the University of Kansas.

After college, Jody followed in his father’s footsteps owning, at one point, three 24 hour restaurant franchises along with four tanning salons in Tulsa. Finally leaving that business, he turned his entrepreneurial skills to everything from a patent in the Pet Industry to a Single’s website.

A restaurateur, a gymnast, a stunt man, an entrepreneur, a pilot, skydiver, scuba diver, and an accomplished martial artist for twenty-five years, Jody Summers has tried it all. And now he brings all those experiences with him to his unique novels.