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I am a pilot and have been since 1977. I have a love of anything that gets off the ground and have tried most of them. One of the highlights of my flying career was when I got to fly-in to the Experimental Aircraft Association air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin back in the mid 80’s. […]

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TED talks

If you’ve never gone to the website you really should. They feature short talks by people with amazing ideas about art, technology and business and how those ideas can come together. Here is one by the Author of Eat, Love, Pray that I particularly enjoyed. This woman has to be a genius and is […]

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Hallucination High

  This is what I woke up dreaming about a couple of weeks ago. And you wonder why I write books?   I strolled through the maze of tall buildings supported one level above ground by a myriad of giant square columns. Books rested in my hands. One was an address book of some sort […]

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Why did I write Dark Canvas

I’ve had several people ask me this and the simple answer might be, “Because I could”, but I think it goes deeper than that. I have been writing something or other all my life. I’ve been writing poetry since I was in the fourth grade and as the years went by I became a more and […]

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I found myself thinking about willpower years ago when I was in college. I even went so far as to take a sort of self-hypnosis class to improve my willpower. Well it certainly worked for the first year at least. It was just prior to my senior year in college, and I was behind in […]

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Things we love to do

You know as the years go by we sometimes forget or neglect the things we enjoy the most (sometimes people included). I had a weekend here recently where I had the opportunity to enjoy two of the things I love. Flying and gymnastics. I got to go fly on a B-25 bomber. The ones that […]

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Words for Wishes

Words for Wishes is a new venture I’m starting to encourage authors to support non-profit organizations. It should be up and running sometime next year and you will be able to buy your favorite book and support the non-profit of your choice. Words for Wishes 2nd Mockup

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Dark Canvas

Dark Canvas-Tidbits

I always like to sneak in tidbits of unusual info into my books. Though it would pprobably fall under the heading of useless trvia, I enjoy it. For instance; In Dark Canvas I mention that glass is a liquid. It runs like water, only slower. In old old houses you can easlily measure the thickness […]

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