DARK CANVAS chapter 4

                                          4       Inspiration: from the Latin Inspiratus-Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.   After that nightmare, the day stretched on interminably. She hadn’t started anything […]

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DARK CANVAS Chapters 2 and 3

                                               2       Fear stalked Kira like a ravenous wolf. It was a formless voiceless thing that coiled its tendrils around her heart. Walking carefully through the moon-shadowed forest, she held […]

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Book Specials

Watch my blog for intermittent specials on my books. This weekend I’m running a Dark Canvas-Kindle give away for 3 days. Friday the 4th through Sunday the 6th you’ll be able to download Dark Canvas for FREE! Stay tuned to my blog for other specials….you never know when something will pop up!

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Author Jody Summers with his 2 books, Dark Canvas and The Mask Maker.  mh

Oklahoma Gazette-Books in OKC?

A little publicity never hurts and this was a nice one that came out in the Oklahoma Gazette, an extremely popular weekly publication in Oklahoma City. If you want to read it here is the link:   http://www.okgazette.com/oklahoma/article-21658-hot-summers.html But where can you get copies of Dark Canvas and The Mask Maker in OKC? Well if […]

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fortune cookie

Fortune Cookie Cogitations

I read a fortune cookie the other day and it said, “A single kind word can keep someone warm for years.” and I started thinking how true that statement is. I for one have had several of those occasions. A person told me once years ago that I have had a wonderful positive influence on […]

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Wine bottle sizes

Do you know the names of the larger bottles of wine? There are several more than I would have expected and we see virtually none of them in the retail market beyond the “Magnum.” But here they are: Magnum(2),Jeroboam(4),Methuselah(8),Salmanazar(12),Balthazar(16),Nebuchadnezzar(20) The numbers beside the names represent how many 750ml bottles are contained in that one container. And […]

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