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The Mask Maker

When artist, Kira McGovern mixes paints with the ashes of the dead, she discovers her extraordinary gift, but it also leads her to some horrifying crimes in this psychological thriller of a novel.

THE MASK MAKER is the second installment in the Dark Canvas series and features Sean and Kira accepting a request from the FBI to use her talent to help track down a relentless Fire-Starter with an unusual and gruesome MO. Painting with the ashes from a burned down home Sean and Kira are propelled into a number of hair raising moments and startling discoveries in this page turning episode of the DARK CANVAS series.

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Why did I write Dark Canvas

I’ve had several people ask me this and the simple answer might be, “Because I could”, but I think it goes deeper than that. I have been writing something or other all my life. I’ve been writing poetry since I was in the fourth grade and as the years went by I became a more and […]

Author Jody Summers with his 2 books, Dark Canvas and The Mask Maker.  mh

Oklahoma Gazette-Books in OKC?

A little publicity never hurts and this was a nice one that came out in the Oklahoma Gazette, an extremely popular weekly publication in Oklahoma City. If you want to read it here is the link: But where can you get copies of Dark Canvas and The Mask Maker in OKC? Well if […]

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